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Agile project dashboard bliss.

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We Pivotal Tracker ...
but our boss doesn't.

That makes sense, right?

"It's too much info", he says, and we get it — We're comfortable digging around in a lot of data, but most bosses aren't wired that way. That's fine. It's why we have jobs.

My Boss

Bosses Dash of Agile

An executive dashboard for Pivotal Tracker is the perfect solution. Now your boss knows what's going on, and he's not asking you the same questions over, and over again.
We explain it better here.

Creating a dashboard for

Pivotal Tracker

It's easy, and free for public projects.

Create an account

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Add An API Token

Select the Settings option from the Account menu and enter your Pivotal Tracker API key.

Choose Your Dashboards

Once you have entered your API key, select the projects from the list to create its dashboard.

Add Features

Configure each dashboard and add features by picking a label and target date. You may track as many features as you'd like.