Frequently Asked Questions

What is a feature?

In Dash of Agile, as in an Agile development process, a feature is a collection of stories bound together by a common theme. In the agile world, they're also known as epics. We use the more generic term because not every project management tool has the concept of an epic.

How many features can I track?

Dash of Agile does not impose a limit to the number of features that can be tracked; though I suppose there is probably a logical limit to the number that can be reasonably managed.

Can I share my dashboard?

Absolutely. Afterall, Dash of Agile is a dashboard for your boss, or co-worker, or client, or whoever. To share a view-only dashboard, choose the configure option for the dashboard that you want to share and click the link button to generate a URL. Send the URL to anyone to give them view-only access to the dashboard.

How do I remove a feature from the dashboard?

While viewing the dashboard, click its name in the main navigation bar and choose the Configure option. Then find the name of the feature that you'd like to remove, and click the Remove from Dashboard button.

Can I see all stories that belong to a feature?

Yes... yes you can! Click the story list button located in the lower right-hand corner of the Feature widget to view all stories associated with that feature.

Can I see all stories in the current sprint?

Just like the Feature widget, the Current Sprint widget includes a story list button. Just click the story list button located in the lower right-hand corner of the widget to view all accepted, in-progress, and rejected stories.

Yeah, but can I jump to the story in my project management tool?

If your project management tool is Pivotal Tracker, then you're in luck. If it's not then you probably have a pretty empty dashboard. To view a story in Pivotal Tracker, first open the story list view, then click the story's title.

Where did the menu bar go?

In display mode, Dash of Agile hides the menu bar so that the whole dashboard will fit on a TV. To show the menu, click the hovering Display drop-down list and choose the Light option.

All of my features are not being displayed. Where'd they go?

The features reside inside a scalable carousel. If you have the screen real estate, then stretch out your browser; or you can scroll to the next Feature widget by clicking the arrow button on the right side of the screen. Click the left arrow to step back. Feature widgets are shown in order by their delivery date.

How often is the dashboard updated?

The dashboard gathers current data when it is created, then it is automatically synced during each day. The frequency of automatic updates depends on your plan. In any case, the date and time of the last sync is displayed in the footer of the dashboard.

Why is the Backlog widget not showing any data?

When the dashboard is first created, there is not enough historical information to display the backlog. Over time, the Backlog widget will get populated, and the trend will get updated.

What if I have a different question, or feature recommendation?

Please use the Feedback tab on the right to tell us what you'd like Dash of Agile to do. If you have a different question about Dash of Agile, please send it to [email protected]