A redesigned feature widget

Posted on October 22, 2014 — in

We've made a pretty dramatic change to how our feature widget displays information. We wanted to improve its visibility on the dashboard, and display information better suited for your boss.

The first thing you'll notice is that the widget now defaults to the date when the feature is expected to be done. When all scheduled stories for a feature are finished, it simply displays "Complete" with a summary of stories and points. The other major change is that the story breakdown is now displayed as a chart, instead of a table.

Features with multiple labels

Other information about the feature can be revealed by clicking the center of the widget. If there's a target date, then it will be shown after the expected date. Click again, and the widget shows how complete the feature is along with its story and point breakdown.

Why it's useful

The new feature widget makes it easier to see what's done, and what's being worked on. It does a better job of showing what a boss is interested in because it's biased toward its expected date, as opposed to its target date.

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