Automatic epic syncing

Posted on May 25, 2014 — in

Dash of Agile now automatically adds epics as new features to your dashboard. All new projects will have this feature enabled by default. To enable it for existing projects, choose the setting on your dashboard configuration page.

Import epics as features

Your projects may include a lot of epics in various states, and some just won't belong on your dashboard. To help keep the list of features as clean as possible, we will only add them if their stories have a status of scheduled or in-progress. If a feature that was automatically added no longer has stories in these states, then it will be removed.

We've included a few options to help manage the features list on the configure page. Now you can show and hide features on your dashboard. Hidden features will continue to update their data, but it will not be displayed on your dashboard. As before, you can still remove features, even ones that were automatically added.

Why it's useful

Your dashboard will always be in sync with your project management tool if you're using epics to track feature development. In addition, new project dashboards will automatically include your features. The option to show and hide features on your dashboard is nice while writting stories for your epics, or if the feature isn't ready to be tracked.

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