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Posted on March 20, 2014 — in

Dash of Agile has always "tolerated" mobile devices, which means we didn't behave too badly when being viewed on a phone or tablet. The experience wasn't great, but one could pinch and zoom their way around the dashboard. Today we're happy to announce that Dash of Agile embraces mobile devices and serves up its agile dashboard goodness to any device in any orientation.

We also saw an opportunity to introduce a new feature that many of you have been asking for — only displaying features. Now you can tile features on the dashboard, in addition to changing the contrast mode for HDTVs.

One size fits all...most

We wanted to keep the experience the same from large desktops to small phones. Keeping the experience the same means that you don't have to retrain your boss depending on the device he's using at the time. You should start thanking us now for being this considerate. The one exception is the new "tile features" option. Feature cards on a phone take the full width of the display, so there's no point to tiling them.

Other than that, Dash of Agile is feature-for-feature the same across all devices. You can even add and update feature widgets right from your phone. So, say the delivery date of the "next great thing" changes in a meeting, you can make a quick update to a feature and (BAM!) everyone's dashboard is updated.

Quick Tip: If you add Dash of Agile to the homescreen on mobile devices, while viewing the shared dashboard, you and your boss will have instant access to your agile dashboard!

— The Dash of Agile Team

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