Announcing Dash of Agile

Posted on January 25, 2014 — in

Our team is really excited to launch Dash of Agile. We've come a long way from the initial idea back in 2012. We built the application, launched a beta, improved the service, and—finally—started a business.

Our goal was pretty simple; build something useful, and launch a service that would pay for itself. We think we've achieved the first part, time will tell if we meet our second objective.

It seemed like a good idea

Dash of Agile was born out of frustration. We realized that trying to communicate complex release cycles to an executive team is hard. Even worse, we found that using project tools to talk about features, people would get side-tracked by all the details. We wanted a product that could distill the project details into an easy-to-understand dashboard. A dashboard we could give to executives.

There was nothing else quite like it

"But there are a ton of dashboards", you might say, and you're right! There are a lot of services out there that build great dashboards for the development cycle, and they're useful... for developers.

We wanted to build something that the CEO, the VP of Marketing, the CTO, operations, and product or project managers could use to figure out when something was expected to be delivered. Something that would update as the project changed. Something that provided proof.

Final word

Taking an idea from concept to delivery was a great learning process. It took us a while to get here, but we were focused on what we wanted to accomplish. The key for us was to figure out what we were going to build, and who we were going to build it for. That meant working through a narrative, and developing a feature set that didn't stray too far off course. Did we keep the product minimally viable? No, but it's pretty close, and we wanted something that we could be proud of.

We hope you find Dash of Agile as useful as we do. We have a pretty interesting roadmap for 2014, so we're just getting started!

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