Oct 22

A redesigned feature widget

We've made a pretty dramatic change to how our feature widget displays information. We wanted to improve its visibility on the dashboard, and display information better suited for your boss.



Oct 17

Find the MVP - Write BIG, deliver small

So it happened again … A couple days after planning, and development raises an issue on a story that will impede the delivery of a feature. As a product owner what do you do? Stop work on the whole feature, retool the stories, and try to explain to the boss that something's going to slip? Most of the time that's not necessary. It's the definition of why we're agile.



Oct 17

Features with multiple labels

Dash of Agile now supports multiple labels when defining a feature widget! When configuring your dashboard, you can now choose one or more labels when creating your features.



May 25

Automatic epic syncing

Dash of Agile now automatically adds epics as new features to your dashboard. All new projects will have this feature enabled by default. To enable it for existing projects, choose the setting on your dashboard configuration page.



Apr 28

Feature Widgets without Target Dates

Now, when creating a feature widget for a dashboard, you can pick a label, name the feature, and leave the target date blank. For features that have already been created, you can edit and clear the target date and update the widget. In either case, you'll end up with a feature widget without a target date.



Apr 15

Swipe features on mobile

We just got done upating Dash of Agile so that it works great for mobile devices. You know what's better? Swiping through features on phones and tablets!



Mar 23

Pivotal Tracker API wrapper

When we first started Dash of Agile there were a couple of options for getting data from Pivotal Tracker to a rails app, but there were some issues with each of them. So, we created a brand-new tracker_api gem that does things right, and we've made it open source so that everyone can use it.



Mar 20

Dashboards for Mobile Devices

Dash of Agile has always "tolerated" mobile devices, which means we didn't behave too badly when being viewed on a phone or tablet. The experience wasn't great, but one could pinch and zoom their way around the dashboard. Today we're happy to announce that Dash of Agile embraces mobile devices and serves up its agile dashboard goodness to any device in any orientation.



Jan 25

Announcing Dash of Agile

Our team is really excited to launch Dash of Agile. We've come a long way from the initial idea back in 2012. We built the application, launched a beta, improved the service, and—finally—started a business.