Dash of Agile

Dash of Agile

An agile dashboard for your boss. Huh?

Requires PivotalTracker API Key. Learn more about how it works.

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Think about it like this ...

Bosses need to know what's happening with projects, but project management tools are confusing.

When is that feature going to be done?
Did you check the agile project management tool?

So they ask you... and you answer, but the answers are only as good as what happened the day before. So they ask you again. It's nefarious!


Dash of Agile

Because project management tools weren't built for your boss.

Dash of Agile Feature Widget

Our feature widget delivers the information executives need.

  • Each feature shows how much work is scheduled, in progress, or completed.
  • Features are automatically added using your project epics.
  • Manually add features by choosing project labels.

Dash of Agile syncs the complex data from project management tools and creates beautiful executive dashboards.

Other dashboard widgets

Perfect for micro-managers!

Current Velocity lets your boss know how much work can get done. It shows the effect of adding capacity, or dealing with a lot of bugs or chores.

Current Sprint displays how things are progressing and what will be delivered in the current sprint. Drill down to see all stories in the current sprint.

Trending Velocity measures velocity over time and calculates volatility to indicate the accuracy of date predictions. It includes a trendline... because, trendline!

Historical Backlog tracks the size of the backlog over time so you can see how it is trending. And we all know — a full backlog makes developers happy.

Crystal Ball

Think of it as an agile psychic hotline.

It answers all of those questions you’re asked. Every. SINGLE. DAY.

We're doing a press release! When will that feature be done?

Are you going to need more resources to finish on time?

I thought you were almost done; what's left to do?

Double Rainbow

Executive dashboards. Share the love.

Shared dashboards. Any device.

Dashboards just wanna be free, man. Free to be anywhere. Shared with everyone.

It's easy to share the dashboard. Dash of Agile creates a unique link for every project. Just share it with everyone who needs it.
An agile dashboard on your phone? "Why the heck not", we say! Flick through features and drill into stories. It's awesome!
Dash of Agile delivers the same experience from tablets to desktops. It even includes a mode that's optimized for HDTVs.

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